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7 Figure Skin By Aunty’s Co.

Bamboo Wash Cloth

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The porous qualities of bamboo cloth fibers keep you Oder free while feeling and smelling fresh. Not only is it a breathable clothe, its anti-bacterial and UV protective. who doesn't love a high quality hypoallergenic and non-irritant wash cloth?


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GO CLEAN! Our products are formulated without certain ingredients that can be harmful to not only your  body but the environment as well.


    CAUTION: For external use only. Avoid direct contact with eyes. Please keep it away from the children. Stop using if rashes or signs of irritation appear. 


    Made in USA.

    Organic and Natural ingredients.



    How can I keep my sponge clean?

    The reusable sponge can be washed with laundry in a washing machine. We recommend washing it along with towels and letting it air dry. It is also important to let the sponge air dry after each use and not leave it inside the cleansing jar. If you need replacements, we sell additional sponges here on our website!



    BUTTER:Avocado oil coconut oil  pineapple hibiscus sarsaparilla cacao butter Shea butter jojoba wax olive oil BTMS 25 mica fragrance 

    SCRUB: Avocado oil coconut oil pineapple hibiscus sarsaparilla sugar Castile soap fragrance

    Potential Benefits



    for dry skin

    high in protein

    BEST FOR :


    Anti inflammatory 

    Soften skin





    Heal wounds

    anti oxidants



    prevent wrinkles

    reduce inflammation

    Even tone

    vitamin C, vitamin A, Vitamin B1and B2 zinc iron omega 3

    Reduce sun damage




    Dry skin


    Return policy

    Return and refund policy Due to the nature of our Products, Products are not eligible for return.  ALL sales are final, once order has been placed.  No chargebacks or disputes for your order once your order is processed for shipment.  

    DISCLAIMER products descriptions are informational based only, and is not intended to replace a physician's recommendations. Our Products are NOT FDA approved. Products made by Aunty's Company are made will natural raw and organic ingrediants. We do not plain to cure any kind of dis-eases, please contact your physician to verify that our ingrediant


    Safety and allergy guidelines

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